Understanding Revelation

Now Available: A Guide to the End-Times

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A study of Revelation will fill the reader with hope and anticipation for the future.

Revelation can be understood – it is not a mystery.

This book takes the reader through the story of the Second Coming step by step. It contains a fully literal translation of the book of Revelation and clear commentary on each section. Practical lessons are given throughout based on teaching from the chapters being looked at. Unnecessary jargon is avoided, and the essential terms are explained. Conflicting viewpoints are considered and reasons are given for a recommended interpretation. All of this is covered in a straightforward and succinct way.

The book contains:

  • An introduction outlining important principles when reading the book of Revelation

  • A chapter by chapter approach to the study of the book

  • An original literal translation from the Greek Text
  • Additional information on important topics as they are reached within the chapters of Revelation

  • A useful bibliography for further reading and study

Questions answered include:

  • Why is it important to read and study the book of Revelation?
  • How literal is the book?

  • How can we understand the figurative language used?

  • What is the Rapture, the Tribulation and the Millennium?

  • Will the Church go through the Tribulation?

  • How do the end-time events all fit together?

  • The book is illustrated throughout.

What Reviewers Have Said:

“This is undoubtedly a lofty subject. Ken has an admirable ability to simplify the subject manner for lay persons and yet maintain a precision of language and meaning to preserve true depth.”

“A fine scholar and Biblical teacher. I am grateful to have come across this book to assist me in my own journey of discovery into the Book of the Revelations of Jesus Christ.”

“Leads to a better understanding of the book of Revelation and many cross references. Excellent for study. Well written work.”

“This book is an excellent introduction and guide to those wanting to study the book of Revelation.”

“Love this book!”

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