The Emotional Christian

A Biblical view of emotionsNow available on Amazon

We all have feelings and these are really important to us and have a major impact on our lives. There is much said about emotions and many people offering help to us as we seek to feel good from a vast number of sources. Christians believe that the Bible is relevant to their lives and seek to live guided by what it teaches. So, what does the Bible say about emotions and can it help us to live in harmony and at peace with our feelings?

Looking at many photographs of church groupings the predominant emotion that seems to be conveyed in one of beaming smiles of joy. Indeed, there seems to be an assumption that if you are not joyful there is something very wrong with you in some circles. The reality of most people’s lives is often very different than is conveyed in many church meetings.

Christians like everybody else experience a full range of emotions including joy, sorrow, anger and humiliation to name but a few. Those who are struggling emotionally can feel that there is something wrong since they are not continually rejoicing. They may be having difficulties in their workplace that result in them being angry in dealing with situations. People can feel a real failure. Family life often can be stormy and running the whole range of emotions. One of the reasons why Soap Operas are so popular is because many in the audience can identify with the raw emotions in the plots.

This book is a compilation of a number of articles written about handling our emotions in a real way that aims to set Christians free from much of the false ideas that leads people to believe they should be happy and carefree all the time in order to be good Christians.

  • Emotions and the Bible
  • Emotional Reality
  • Our Emotional God
  • Where Do Emotions Originate?
  • The Importance of Emotions
  • Blessed is not Always Happy
  • Anger is a Blessing from God
  • How can we Control our Anger?
  • Freedom from Guilt
  • The Christian “F” Word (Forgiveness)
  • Would You Like to Live at Peace?
  • Seven Reasons to not be Anxious
  • Do You Want Joy?
  • Hey! Who Stole My Joy?
  • Humility is Vital for Healthy Relationships
  • Humility Abused
  • Don’t Destroy Yourself by Taking Revenge
  • Is Love a Choice?
  • Why Doesn’t God Stop My Pain?
  • Hope Keeps Us Going During Difficult Times

Now available on Amazon