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Blessed is not Always Happy

Should Christians be happy all the time? Are miserable believers displeasing God? When should we be happy or sad?

September 28, 2019 0
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The Importance of Emotions

Emotions are extremely important in our lives. Even the emotions we would rather avoid play an important part in shaping us.

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Where Do Emotions Originate?

Many have taught that emotions together with the will and the mind are in a persons soul. Is this Biblically correct or is there more to this? This article looks at some of the basic issues in who we really are.

September 14, 2019 0

Our Emotional God

God has feelings, He is an emotional God. We were made in His image (Genesis 1:26, 27) and so we have feelings and emotions too. God demonstrates how our emotions should work with His perfect example.

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Emotional Reality

Christians like everybody else experience a full range of emotions including joy, sorrow, anger and humiliation to name but a few. Those who are struggling emotionally can feel that there is something wrong since they are not continually rejoicing. The Bible teaches us to be true to who we are and not to pretend to be something we aren’t.

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Emotions and the Bible

There is much said about emotions from many sources and ‘experts.’ Christians look to the Bible for guidance on every issue of life. The Bible has a lot to say about our emotions. Not everything that is said in Christian circles reflects what the Bible really says. This series of articles tries to highlight what the Bible really says.

August 24, 2019 0
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Good News-We’re not Superheroes!

We live in a culture that is superhero obsessed. This is not just the comic book characters but includes celebrities, leaders and sports personalities. Our stories often are about people with exceptional qualities. The most intelligent and beautiful are presented as the norm we should all aspire to. The top few are praised whilst everyone…
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Spiritual Counterbalance

When I was a teenager my mother was in a wheelchair. In order to go upstairs we had a lift installed. The lift was unpowered. It worked by weights. The weights were exactly the same as my mother and her wheelchair. To go up or down all she had to do was to turn a…
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The Power of Proverbs

Proverbs are generally fairly short statements that are designed to teach us something. They have been used since ancient times as a teaching tool. They are easy to remember and can come to mind when we face situations that are particularly relevant to their application. Although they date from ancient times they have enjoyed a…
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What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is one of those words that people struggle to define. Many people use knowledge and wisdom interchangeably. This definition does not work for me. Adolf Hitler had knowledge but by no stretch of the imagination was Hitler wise! Others would say that wisdom is the way knowledge is used. This idea has more to…
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